Half A Person | Trapped Under Ice

"Moral standard has been maladjusted and senseless acts reinforced, anything to forget the pain. The agony i was taught. Becoming everything I never wanted to be, somehow. Until i close my eyes and just fade out.”

Day 56/365

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Anonymous: Oh my, you're so beautiful. 10/10 

thank you, dear.


Talking Shit About a Pretty Sunset || Modest Mouse

and i claim i’m not excited with my life any more
so i blame this town, this job, these friends
the truth is it’s myself

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will you still love me when i no longer ball so fuckin hard

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elvis depressedly - u angel u

i don’t see
nothing wrong

in your eyes
you angel, you

the dog barks
to say “hi”
say hi, stay high

hot water
coming down

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"It wasn’t my day. My week. My month. My year. My life. God damn it."
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